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Landscape - Maintenance & Design

SHRUB CARE | It is important to remember that pruning plants is a process, not an event. There is no one-day of the year that all plants are to be pruned. Each species has very specific pruning needs based on flower production and the growing season. There will be plants that require pruning in the landscape.

First priority is pruning for bloom production, second is structure pruning for plant development and third is space management. Space management is most common in mature landscape environments. We must contain plants within the spaces allocated during landscape design. Our employees are trained on the most common landscape plants in West Alabama. If you have an extensive planting with specialty items, we will inventory the plants and discuss proper pruning.

Specialty pruning notes will be entered into your route sheet for our pruning technician's future reference. We will fertilize your shrubs one time each year to keep them growing and green.

WEEDING | Shrub beds, natural areas with mulch and ground cover areas will be weeded on every visit during the year. We use Round-up herbicide on any weed that we can safely apply without injury to ornamental plants. We hand pulls weeds within the canopy of shrubs or ground covers. We use elective herbicides for persistent perennial weeds and grass control as needed. Your bed areas should remain 95% weed-free. There will always be some weeds present in a fertile growing environment. Our intention is to always control weeds with no injury to shrubs, ground covers, or trees.

TRASH REMOVAL | We police trash on site (paper, cans, glass) and recycle glass and aluminum. We utilize your trash can for non-recyclables and paper. We utilize mulching type lawn mowers to process leaves and pine straw from trees on your site. Fall leaves are to be mulched into lawn as much as possible. Remaining leaves will be bagged and disposed of.

CLEAN-UP | All concrete surfaces, patios, decks, and parking areas will be blown clean of debris from the landscape maintenance process. This process will include the edges of streets in all applications.

MULCH | Pine straw and shredded pine mulch are the mulch choices for the West Alabama area. It benefits shrub beds by helping to retain moisture, control weeds, prevent erosion, protect from temperature extremes and to improve the appearance of our bed areas.

Our pine straw is free of sticks, pine cones and debris. This classification of work is critical to the overall success of our complete maintenance program. The fee quoted for mulch will include the following:
1. Delivery of pine straw or shredded mulch.
2. Establish a vertical trench to define the bed area.
3. Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to the bed area.
4. Install/spread pine straw to a 3"-4" thick.
5. Completely remove pine needles from foliage of plants.
6. Clean up debris from installation process.
7. Property dispose of debris.
8. Blow concrete surfaces and turf clear of debris.
9. Tuck bed lines nearly into vertical trenches.

Pine straw or pine mulch must be replenished a minimum of one time per year. A second application during the year to freshen the color is recommended. Pine straw that is located in a full sun exposure with frequent irrigation will deteriorate much more quickly than pine straw in natural areas that are shady and have no irrigation. If your pine straw or pine mulch begins to look think or its color dow not look good,please contact our office staff about your mulch service.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN | We do consultations and installations such as sodding, plants, and trees.