McCracken Custom Landscape & Maintenance

Lawn Care

MOWING | Prior to mowing, the turf areas will be policed for trash, tree limbs or obstructions. Turf will be completely and evenly mowed at a height most suitable for the species and the site's specific needs. In areas we cannot reach with a lawnmower, we will string trim the turf to the height of adjacent turf. We do not bag grass clippings if at all possible. Turf grass research shows that by using proper mowers, it is better to return clippings to the turf for nutritional replenishment. This process is called grass cyling and it's a tremendous help to our environment.

EDGING | We will edge concrete borders such as walkways, curbs, and driveways each mowing during the growing season with a mechanical steel bridge edger. Bed lines that have been established by a vertical trench method will be edged each visit during the growing season. We will edge as needed during the winter months.

WEEDING | Shrub beds, natural areas with mulch and ground cover areas will be weeded on every visit during the year. We use Round-up herbicide on any weed that we can safely apply without injury to ornamental plants. We hand pulls weeds within the canopy of shrubs or ground covers. We use elective herbicides for persistent perennial weeds and grass control as needed. Your bed areas should remain 95% weed-free. There will always be some weeds present in a fertile growing environment. Our intention is to always control weeds with no injury to shrubs, ground covers, or trees.

TRASH REMOVAL | We police trash on site (paper, cans, glass) and recycle glass and aluminum. We utilize your trash can for non-recyclables and paper. We utilize mulching type lawn mowers to process leaves and pine straw from trees on your site. Fall leaves are to be mulched into lawn as much as possible. Remaining leaves will be bagged and disposed of.

CLEAN-UP | All concrete surfaces, patios, decks, and parking areas will be blown clean of debris from the landscape maintenance process. This process will include the edges of streets in all applications.

PEST MANAGEMENT | We treat anthills with Talstar insecticide by the mound at each visit as needed. This service will be done an extra charge to you. It is an ongoing chore. It is not possible to totally eliminate ants from the West Alabama landscape. We scout for plant pests and treat as needed.

TURF GRASS MAINTENANCE | Fertilization - We will follow the schedule under the applications section of your contract for your fertilization program. The species of your turf grass will dictate the type and rate of fertilizer we apply to your lawn.

WEED CONTROL | During the dormant period of your lawn, January - March, we will apply a pre-emergent and post- emergent herbicide mix to control winter annual broadleaf weeds and to prevent germination of summer annual grasses such as crabgrass. Pesticides are used at label rates and applied with techniques tested by the University of Auburn cooperative extension service. The first season we apply a herbicide to your lawn, we we not have a completely weed free lawn. You will notice a significant decrease in weed competition in your lawn. It will be a combination of the entire landscape management program that will truly improve the look of your turf grass.